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Introducing the Open Dyslexia Font

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The OpenDyslexic font is made to provide “gravitation” to letters to keep the characters rotating in readers’ heads.   OpenDyslexic’s characters were given “heavy-weighted undersides” to keep them from turning and swapping approximately in the heads of the readers.   A current upgrade to the most popular application – Instapaper has embraced the text format as an […]

New Burmese Language Fonts

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You’ve got to be quick off the mark with language fonts, they can be very difficult to design.  However fortunately most languages now have an international standard already agreed. One country that is potentially a huge market for new products is Burma, and HTC are hoping to steal an advantage with the release of it’s […]

Some Common Typography Terms

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There’s no doubt text is powerful, from anything to a calling card, a sign for a business and everything in between – it’s a way to send your message.How that message is displayed affects how the reader reacts.  A message that looks nice and friendly will normally produce a positive response.  A difficult to read […]

Microsoft Patch Breaks Font

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Sometimes the importance of the humble font is rather overlooked.  However this week Microsoft released a security patch which effectively removed many fonts from users computers.  Many of us will not have noticed but if you’re a designer or one of those fonts is in your corporate portfolio this can cause huge problems. The Security […]

What Are The Best Fonts To Use On Your Plumbing Website?

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Many people simply assume that the fonts on a printed page look just the same as those seen on a computer screen. This is a very erroneous assumption when building your plumbing website. High resolution will be required in cases where little serifs have been used to make them legible for the reader. With greater […]

Special Fonts – Dyslexia

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There is a growing field of different fonts to help with all sorts of situations, one of the most interesting is to help people with specific reading problems.  Mostly these fonts are being developed as open source and are available on a ’free to use’ basis online. One of the most interesting is that of […]

An Alternative to Latin

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Many web designers, myself included will tend to use the familiar Lorem ipsum text for a placeholder.  In fact I don’t know many designers who don’t use this text when they’re submitting draft designs to  their clients.  But often it doesn’t really look quite right in many designs for a variety of reasons. Firstly there’s […]

Why Designing a Website Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

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If you’re building a website for your business then you’ll be thinking about how it’s going to be set out, what colors you need, and what you want to achieve. You might have started writing some pages for the site or even looked at competitors who have a really great looking site. But, just because […]

Fonts for your scrapbooking design

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When it comes to scrapbooking, there are a lot of font design options available depending on what scrapbooking machine you choose. Die-cutters like the Cricut electronic cutting machine make a crafter’s task easier, especially in cutting different types of materials. You shouldn’t be just handcrafting your font designs. You can, but it takes time and […]

Why I Like This Shaver Site

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say. And it’s true, as I’ll wager that there are very few things any of us can name that are universally praised for their design or aesthetic qualities. Whether it is cars, fashion, architecture, or  furniture, strong design elicits strong reactions – and the same […]

Freezer Paper – The Best Art Media

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For the artistically inclined, designing new fonts can be a lot of fun.  While the tech savvy may prefer to use computer software such as Photoshop for their artistic endeavors, those of us who are more old school prefer the old fashioned techniques of drawing on butchers or freezer paper. Freezer paper is great for […]

Basic Factors to Consider in Website Design

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  A lot of people nowadays fancy themselves as website designers. They shun professional help and advice thinking they can do just as good a job. At the same time a lot of professional website designers are being disingenuous with their customers. They fail to tell their clients about the bigger picture, and the customers […]

EDM for Design

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Designing on a computer gives you far more accuracy than designing on paper. The lines you draw on a computer screen will always be perfectly straight and of an even thickness. There is a mathematical precision to designing on a computer that cannot be achieved by even the greatest artists. This is perhaps the main […]