Fonts Make Words

20th Feb 2015

Eco Friendly or Garden Fonts

In many cases, choosing a font based mainly on a colour or with too obvious a connection to your subject matter is usually a mistake.  However there are some very...

20th Feb 2015

More Technology Type Fonts

I like this font, its called Interlace and it reminds me of the old dot matrix printers and teletypes. This is another useful technology type font you can find online....

31st Jan 2015

Choosing a Technology Font

Whether you are coding programs or banging short stories out, the typeface you select to write in is not unimportant. But out there most typefaces are designed with not coders,...

29th Jan 2015

USA Football Fonts by Proxy

A couple of American football type fonts, just ready for the Superbowl. If you want to watch it live on US TV, try this program out. Here’s the video. Hope...

29th Jan 2015

Fonts are Everywhere

  They are, designing fonts can be fun and ultimately they can have a huge effect on the message that you are trying to convey.   They do matter, just...

30th Oct 2013

New Burmese Language Fonts

You’ve got to be quick off the mark with language fonts, they can be very difficult to design.  However fortunately most languages now have an international standard already agreed. One...

30th Oct 2013

Some Common Typography Terms

There’s no doubt text is powerful, from anything to a calling card, a sign for a business and everything in between – it’s a way to send your message.How that...

30th Oct 2013

Microsoft Patch Breaks Font

Sometimes the importance of the humble font is rather overlooked.  However this week Microsoft released a security patch which effectively removed many fonts from users computers.  Many of us will...

13th Aug 2013
What Are The Best Fonts To Use On Your Plumbing Website?

What Are The Best Fonts To Use On Your Plumbing Website?

Many people simply assume that the fonts on a printed page look just the same as those seen on a computer screen. This is a very erroneous assumption when building...

04th Jul 2013

Special Fonts – Dyslexia

There is a growing field of different fonts to help with all sorts of situations, one of the most interesting is to help people with specific reading problems.  Mostly these...