New England Football Fonts

Check out these examples of the 2014 England football kit fonts.  This week we hope to see the release of the new 2018 strip and the associated fonts.  We will  update this blog as soon as they are available.   Of course, you should be able to see them being worn oif you check the England fixture list.  Then perhaps you can enjoy watching on TV – most of the friendly’s are broadcast on the BBC’s main football show – Match of the Day Live, you can watch it online here.

Primarily, Nike presented England’s home and away kits, and a collection of fitting tracksuits. Whilst the tops feature motifs and colours historically seen on England kits, the designers were keen to upgrade the elements to give them a contemporary approach – do it through material innovations and the slimline cut of the garment. Both kits feature the Saint George cross on the back neck, even though a rosette is situated at the inside. A custom font based on Johnston and Gil Sans fonts has been designed for player names, and numbers were moved from the center of the top to beneath crest to make the fabric breathable.

The home kit follows a classic look, the pairing of a white shirt with blue shorts – both accentuated by trimming. The away kit includes a two tone red graphics showing the Saint George Cross, and also the pre match shirt comes with a red and blue model designed as an ode to the group’s 1982 look. All designs are rooted in Nike’s interest in England’s teens culture, with the brand aiming to make the kits relevant on and off the pitch. Nike decided to also unveil Nigeria’s kit throughout the event, based on a revival of interest in the nation’s music scene in the united kingdom. The designers looked at the nation’s choice name, Naija, for inspiration – imagining it results in the new Nigeria.

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