What Fonts Do Successful People Use

Is which font you use any indication of success? Can we work anything out from what successful businesses use when designing their literature, brand or marketing materials. Is the choice indicative of something about how the business operates

What typefaces do designers at leading start-ups truly use? According to some enjoyable new research study from the icon business Icon8, it’s definitely not the current, trendiest fonts. Rather, in practice, they used tried and real system typefaces– which’s not all they found about the theory versus practice of these designers.

It’s especially interesting to see how these fonts perform in crucial aspects of an online businesses success. One of the best examples is of course the businesses sales pages or funnels. For a web business the most crucial point is probably when the customer puts their product in the sales basket and checks out. Indeed most businesses spend lots of time analysing this process in great details even checking the process themselves. To do this firms will employ specialists using add to cart proxies (explained here) which can isolate the procedure and allow them to split test different configurations and fonts.

For the study, Icon8 evaluated data from Product Hunt, a popular tech website that has curated brand-new mobile apps, websites, and hardware jobs every day given that 2013. They made a list of all of almost 1,000 of the leading websites and apps featured on ProductHunt, and then nabbed their CSS files– which, obviously, describe the physical appearance of the websites, including the typefaces utilized. Utilizing that dataset, they developed a landing page, called Fonts That People Really Utilize. This site allowed anyone can browse the font combinations utilized by business that vary from up-and-coming start-ups to now-established juggernauts.

It’s interesting to consider whether these ideas would transfer across different countries. After all we know that advertising techniques vary greatly dependent on which nationality you’re trying to reach. For anyone who has watched UK TV in France or the USA will have seen the huge difference in advertising styles.

The tool shows the most popular font styles arranged by appeal (Helvetica Neue wins). In the second column, you can see the most popular second typeface on the site, which provides you an idea of the most popular font style combinations. Lastly, in the 3rd column, there’s the actual font style samples and websites that use it.

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