03rd Nov 2015

Great Free Fonts Resource

For designers working on small and often poorly paid, you need to control costs.  One area where you can save money is of course fonts and graphics as these can...

03rd Nov 2015

Hack – Open Source Font that’s Free

Here’s a great new open source font that’s worth looking at.  It’s from Chris Simpkins and it’s completely free. It’s modern, simple and it has that one essential element often overlooked...

27th May 2015

Radical New Font Change for Apple

(erm or not) There is a strong rumour circulating around the places where these things seem to matter, that Apple is going to change it’s hugely popular font on the...

05th May 2015

The Secure Font That Thwarts Snoopers

Sometimes is not design considerations that are the most important criteria in selecting a font – what if it’s privacy? Over the last few years we’ve heard all sorts of...

13th Apr 2015

Artistic Font

Here’s a great idea for a font. It’s got a very strange textured look to it. At first I thought it was a wooden look to the font, and would...

19th Mar 2015

Metallic Fonts – Which Sites

I love metallic looking fonts, they’re easy to read and add a genuine atmosphere to a site if used correctly.  You only have to check out some of the best...

20th Feb 2015

Eco Friendly or Garden Fonts

In many cases, choosing a font based mainly on a colour or with too obvious a connection to your subject matter is usually a mistake.  However there are some very...

20th Feb 2015

More Technology Type Fonts

I like this font, its called Interlace and it reminds me of the old dot matrix printers and teletypes. This is another useful technology type font you can find online....

29th Jan 2015

USA Football Fonts by Proxy

A couple of American football type fonts, just ready for the Superbowl. If you want to watch it live on US TV, try this program out. Here’s the video. Hope...

29th Jan 2015

Fonts are Everywhere

  They are, designing fonts can be fun and ultimately they can have a huge effect on the message that you are trying to convey.   They do matter, just...