20th Mar 2015

Cloudy Font on Lover’s Image

I noticed this font the other day on a graphic that was being published on Pixabay.  Just in case you’re not aware, Pixabay is a fantastic image site where people...

19th Mar 2015

Metallic Fonts – Which Sites

I love metallic looking fonts, they’re easy to read and add a genuine atmosphere to a site if used correctly.  You only have to check out some of the best...

19th Mar 2015

Wooden Fonts Work Too

Sounds a little bit strange, but wooden type fonts can be very effective on certain websites.  Obviously there’s some easy ones like gardening, eco informational sites but if you use...

29th Jan 2015

Fonts are Everywhere

  They are, designing fonts can be fun and ultimately they can have a huge effect on the message that you are trying to convey.   They do matter, just...

04th Jul 2013

Special Fonts – Dyslexia

There is a growing field of different fonts to help with all sorts of situations, one of the most interesting is to help people with specific reading problems.  Mostly these...

27th Mar 2012
Freezer Paper – The Best Art Media

Freezer Paper – The Best Art Media

For the artistically inclined, designing new fonts can be a lot of fun.  While the tech savvy may prefer to use computer software such as Photoshop for their artistic endeavors,...