Why I Like This Shaver Site

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say. And it’s true, as I’ll wager that there are very few things any of us can name that are universally praised for their design or aesthetic qualities. Whether it is cars, fashion, architecture, or  furniture, strong design elicits strong reactions – and the same holds true for websites.

I’ve read countless website reviews where the author waxes lyrically about the superb use of color or the wonderful images on a site, but that kind of site just doesn’t cut it for me. I have yet to find a beautifully designed website that has much value in terms of usability, which I know will sound like heresy to some. Maybe it’s because I’m a practical guy at heart that I like websites that offer function over form – and yes, I do believe it’s possible to build a pretty looking site that can function properly as well.

One site I’ve had my eye on for some time now is shaverguide.com – it’s a site about electric shavers, and I’m not sure you could get more mundane than that! But I like this site for a number of reasons.

First off it is obvious it has been built for the sole reason to sell electric shavers, a good thing if you are searching for the best electric shaver, and not just as an ego trip to show off the designers talent. At first glance you’re left in no doubt what the site is about – it does exactly what it says on the tin as the saying goes.

As with any site, color is an important factor, but it should be used to tie the site together not as a stand alone design feature. While this site will never win any design awards it will appeal to its readers which, in turn, will result in an increase in business for the site’s owners.

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