New Burmese Language Fonts

You’ve got to be quick off the mark with language fonts, they can be very difficult to design.  However fortunately most languages now have an international standard already agreed. One country that is potentially a huge market for new products is Burma, and HTC are hoping to steal an advantage with the release of it’s new smartphones there.  Obviously the language option and these smartphones using youtube which is also very popular will likely ensure commercial success.

The Taiwanese company has developed the Burmese language fonts and implemented it into all it’s newer handsets.  The phones all come with a Burmese on screen language developed from the fonts that were available.   Burma has currently got one the smallest percentage of mobile phones in the world.  However this is expected to change rapidly and there is potentially a huge market  there as the country opens up it’s borders.



One of the other issues facing phone companies however is the lack of a telecoms infrastructure.  THere are only two main carriers there and some major investment is required to update the countries networks.   HTC are not the first company to try and get a foothold into the Burmese market, Samsung and Huawei already have a presence their.  However HTC is certainly first there with a Burmese Language font installed on it’s products.

Integrating a language like Burmese into a phone is actually much harder than it sounds.  Intergrating it into software is very difficult when there’s no official standard, nobody had ever bothered with the language whilst the country was under military rule.  Now you’ll see many businessmen, journalists and all sorts of people at the airports, although most will be using VPNs on their Ipads – web source: and Laptops to bypass the internet filters that are still in place to some extent.

It’s good to see countries being brought into global markets after so many years of isolation.  Expect to see other companies releasing other products their in the near future.

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