More Technology Type Fonts

I like this font, its called Interlace and it reminds me of the old dot matrix printers and teletypes.


This is another useful technology type font you can find online.



Again it has that keyboard type font look about it and would be perfect for any website or blog that is about technology, like this one – for example.  However remember that if you have a lot of text that these type of fonts can be rather difficult to read.  They look simple enough in an example but in page of complicated text they can get confusing.



You can see the most effective technology fonts on devices themselves, the big technology giants spend a fortune design and creating fonts to appear on their devices.  Again you can see that being easy to read is extremely important.   It’s also important to use on videos and any other content on your website – look at the video on this page, Youtube doesn’t allow you to change or modify any of the fonts used for your readers and viewers with good reason.

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