What Are The Best Fonts To Use On Your Plumbing Website?

Many people simply assume that the fonts on a printed page look just the same as those seen on a computer screen. This is a very erroneous assumption when building your plumbing website.

High resolution will be required in cases where little serifs have been used to make them legible for the reader. With greater amount of pixel available, you can be able to show a more detailed font on your display as you can see on the Boise Plumber website.

800 * 600 pixels was the standard screen resolution available about ten years ago. This resolution was hardly enough to aptly show the details of the serif font. Modern technology has helped increase the screen resolution available today to sizes of up to 1024 * 768 pixels (and more!) What this has done is to make the small serif font readable. They are however not as easily readable as the sans-serif font.

The introduction of handheld device has forced people to reconsider how their fonts and websites will look on iPhone and BlackBerry devices. The screen resolution for the BlackBerry Bold 978 is 480 * 360 pixels while the latest iPhone resolution stands in at 960 * 640 pixels.

Reigning in at number one, the best online font to use is sans serif.

Software Usability and Research Laboratory in their recent study (2002) found that:
The easiest to read fonts were Courier, Verdana, and Arial.
The most preferred 10-point size font was Verdana while the least preferred font was Times New Roman.
The most favored 12-point size font was Arial while Times New Roman font still remained the least liked.
The overall favorite font was Verdana while the overall least liked font was Times New Roman.

Therefore, what are you supposed to do?
Arial 12-point sized font is to be utilized when it comes to easy online reading. For any smaller-sized font you would like to use, then Verdana font is the best option. Those looking for that ‘official- formal- look’ should use the Georgia font. For older readers, provide a 14-point font for them to easily see and read.

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