Radical New Font Change for Apple

(erm or not)

There is a strong rumour circulating around the places where these things seem to matter, that Apple is going to change it’s hugely popular font on the iPhone.

Currently users will be using the Helvetica Neue font, but this is set to change to a brand new font called San Francisco first debuted on the Apple Watch.



So pretty radical huh, we haven’t had confirmation yet but this change is expected to be confirmed at the Apple Developers conference in June 2015.  Lots of experts have been quoted as stating that the new look will be more readable, and look ‘better in larger sizes and in print’.

I’m afraid we’re still in the category of it looking almost exactly the same as the old one.  There are some examples of the fonts next to each other on the BBC bitesize site you can also check out some news reports on the iPlayer section – for non-uk users check out this BBC iPlayer proxy information.

The experts also assure us that even if they’re appears very little difference between the two fonts, all fonts have personalities and can be operating at a subliminal level.   Two different fonts can completely change how we think about the feel and design of a device using them.

Whether most Apple users will notice, remains to be seen – but the upgrade to iOS 9 on your iPhone and you should find out.

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