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For designers working on small and often poorly paid, you need to control costs.  One area where you can save money is of course fonts and graphics as these can be very expensive to license.   However there are a lot of very good resources where you can find lots of fonts which are even licensed for commercial use.   One of the best is called Font Squirrel who have literally thousands of free fonts which you can use freely in commercial projects,


There are lots more and I’m going to add a different one each week to this site so keep checking back.  However on of the most important part of these sites is the fact they are classified properly and the fonts grouped into different categories.

Therefore you can search for the exact type of font you require quickly and easily, Font Squirrel does this brilliantly and you can normally find a suitable font in minutes as long as you know what you’re looking for.  This video needed a new font and I’m just off to look for a technology type font which will be suitable in both the description and overlay in the video itself.

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