Freezer Paper – The Best Art Media

For the artistically inclined, designing new fonts can be a lot of fun.  While the tech savvy may prefer to use computer software such as Photoshop for their artistic endeavors, those of us who are more old school prefer the old fashioned techniques of drawing on butchers or freezer paper.

Freezer paper is great for art.  It is cheap, versatile and readily available!  If you are trying to design a new font you can easily sketch your design ideas onto freezer paper – a lot easier than trying to ’draw’ them in software using your mouse.

Not happy with your creations? No problem – discard the used piece of freezer paper and start over.  For maximum satisfaction I recommend scrunching up your discards into a tight ball before throwing them in the general direction of the waste paper baskets – I feel this more genuinely captures the authentic feel of being a frustrated artist!

You may consider me old school, but I have no plans to move by artistic endeavors from paper to digital anytime soon.  I think too much is lost in the transition.



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