Font News – Schnyder for T

Here’s a striking new font designed for a New York based magazine. It’s a striking and clear font which really stands out in both digital and paper media.

Berton Hasebe and Christian Schwartz have designed Schnyder, a brand new serif display font, for the 2013 top-to bottom redesign of T, the The New York Times Style Magazine when it came under a new editor in chief. In a bold new relaunch, the magazine was covered in many mainstream and online media sources, it was even covered on several arts programmes on British TV which you can access here.

Deborah Needleman and Creative Director Patrick Li and his team of Shawn Carney, Aurelie Pellissier, and Natalie Do. Between Hasebe and Schwartz, this is their 6th custom font project for T, but the very first they have co designed. The first jumping off point for the design was a piece of pointed pencil lettering from Switzerland, lately acquired by Li, that was quite accurate in its compact and fine lines, but had organic and unusual structures for the invidvidual letters and fantastic variations in character widths from line to line.

Schnyder features a Light two weights and a Bold. The weights of the rod in each weight is identical throughout the widths, an odd feature which allows the width to be mixed in headings, even in single words. Characters have been given a lot of alternates, permitting the headlines to feel even more like lettering as opposed to kind especially striking when used on simple sales pages like this.

The lowercase stems From German fonts popular in the early 1900 s. This font checks the boundaries of gravure printing and has four optical dimensions to ensure its narrow strokes may be as thin as possible at each dimensions without falling apart. The type colour is curved by Graphik in its own width plus a few fashions from X Compressed width. Lyon Text has been substituted as the text face with Imperial, the text face utilized in the newspaper news sections. We found this to be a choice which accentuates the elegance and quirkiness of Schnyder.

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